The Fjord Coast offers a wide range of walks of different lengths and to different heights, so you’re bound to find a new favourite that ticks all the boxes.

The day trip cabins and the North Sea Trails are popular destinations for people who don’t want to spend the whole day climbing the highest mountains, but want to take time to enjoy the scenery and walk alone or with their loved ones.

You are guaranteed magnificent views and Instagram friendly snapshots on our selected summit trip!


Hardbakke is situated at the foot of Ramnenipa. The path to the top is waymarked with cairns, both from the north and south sides. There are great views to the west from the top, and of the administrative centre of the municipality. There is a waymarked path around Ramnenipa. The rock conglomerate, which is found throughout the municipality, also means great climbing in the area.



Blegja in Askvoll is often called the Queen of the mountains in Sunnfjord, and not without reason. At 1,304 metres above sea level, Blegja is the highest mountain on the Fjord Coast. Blegja offers views of the Jostedalsbreen glacier and the seven mountains around Bergen, some 100 km away! A spectacular experience!


Majestic, magical and challenging – these are some of the words often used about Lihesten, a landmark and unifying symbol for Hyllestad. This mountain was an important landmark already in the Viking Age, and Olav Kyrre sheltered beneath it and considered founding a town there on the Lifjord. There are many walks you can do and you can spend lots of time on this distinctive mountain massif in Hyllestad.


Climb the Norwegian horse – the mountain that ascends almost straight up from the sea. At 481 metres and visible from 100 km out to sea, Alden is one of the most distinctive seamarks in Western Norway. You can enjoy fantastic views in all directions from the summit!

Heileberget (Fløgen)

Heileberget is a popular summit trip with fantastic views of the Dalsfjord and the islands to the west. There is a waymarked walking trail from the car park at Otterstein (the Askvoll side of the Dalsfjordbrua bridge). The hike up is relatively demanding, but involves no climbing. Enjoy beautiful views from an altitude of 761 metres above sea level.


Pollatinden is the second highest mountain in Solund and is referred to as the Queen of the archipelago. Whether this name derives from the fact that it is the second highest mountain in the municipality or that Queen Sonja has climbed it on numerous occasions, is not known.

It towers 541 metres above sea level, and offers commanding views of the westernmost islands in Norway.

Pollatinden|© Visit FjordKysten

Veten (Måløy)

Be blown away by beautiful views 613 metres above sea level. Veten is the highest point in Vågsøy, and, together with Brurahornet, forms the backdrop to the town Måløy. Start the walk at Måløy stadium. You can either park at the stadium or follow the road up to the water works below Skramsvatnet lake.

Enjoy views over large parts of Vågsøy and Stadhavet sea from the top.


Hanekammen towers 652 metres above sea level and offers beautiful views of Vågsøy, Stadhavet sea, inland along the Nordfjord and parts of Bremangerlandet.

Turn off at the shop in Deknepollen. Then drive a further 500 metres and turn right. Follow the road to the top of the housing development, turn left and park along the road after approx. 100 metres. You will then come to a gravel slope with a sign pointing you in the direction of Hanekammen.

Store Batalden

You will be astounded by the views of the myriad islands from the highest peak in the Florø archipelago! At 492 metres above sea level, Store Batalden is the highest summit on the islands west of Florø. Enjoy the views of the unique scenery that make the landscape around Florø so unique!

While you’re at Store Batalden, you can also visit the award-winning Batalden Havbu with its museum, art exhibition and accommodation. Batalden Havbu has been awarded the St. Olav’s Rose for its work to preserve coastal culture.

Store Batalden