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The coast of Sogn og Fjordane is made for adventure, be it with your loved one or a group of friends. A spectacular coastline perfect for great experiences. The coast, combined with the fjords and mountains, provides opportunities for unique experiences in nature.

Visit charming island communities, villages on the fjords, small towns dotted along the coast, and explore the beautiful scenery.

  1. Måløy
  2. Florø
  3. Askvoll
  4. Værlandet og Bulandet
  5. Fjaler
  6. Hyllestad
  7. Solund


Duration: 3 days

Måløy is adorned with beautiful art representing the coastal culture of Vågsøy. Buy a cup of coffee to go and stroll along the streets of Måløy. You’ll see numerous captivating artworks on walls. If you’d like to learn more about their history, you can do so here.

In Måløy, you can also go on a yoga retreat, go kayaking and coasteering or walk along its chalk-white beaches.

An urban encounter at the ocean´s edge

With its back to the ocean and connected to the mainland by the Måløybrua bridge, Måløy is one of the most important fisheries ports in Norway. You can visit the small, pleasant shopping street, Gate 1. Visit tempting and charming cafés and restaurants where you can choose between everything from fish and chips to sushi. Pay a visit to the Måløy Raid Centre and see the interactive exhibitions that give you a real impression of the dramatic events of World War II.

Spend the night in a lighthouse

Are you looking for an extra special experience? Then a night in a lighthouse is for you! Norway has a long coastline with lots of lighthouses to guide seafarers safely to land.

Kråkenes lighthouse is situated on a plateau 45 metres above sea level, surrounded by the ocean on three sides. When storms are raging, the waves and spray lash the windows to let you know you’re best put indoors.

At Skongenes lighthouse, you can experience a bracing and different kind of weekend out in the open. You can relax among the lighthouse buildings and experience an eldorado of cliffs, paths and exciting places to discover.



100 km2 hours
Duration: 3 days


Florø – Norway’s westernmost town situated out at the ocean’s edge. A town that was important during the herring fisheries of the 19th century and the 1950s. Today, it plays a key role in developing hydrogen for use in zero-emission vessels.

Beer tasting in the heart of Florø

Stay in comfort and enjoy delicious food at the pleasant hotels in town. Kinn Bryggeri, known for its excellent artisan beer, brewed in the old style, is also in Florø. At the beer café Vesle Kinn in the heart of Florø, you can attend beer tasting, concerts and cultural events. You can take a peek into the fermentation room, sit among oak barrels filled with beer and try a tasting platter of different Kinn beers.

The Coastal Museum in Florø

The Coastal Museum in Florø is approx. 2 km from the centre of Florø. It features historical exhibitions, an exhibition on petroleum, an open-air museum and a museum trail. A stroll through Florø’s streets takes you to galleries, home decor and clothes shops, restaurants and charming cafés.

Explore the archipelago

Take the local boat service from Florø out to the saga island Kinn with its medieval church and the distinctive mountain Kinnaklova. This mountain features in Kinn Bryggeri’s logo, and is a popular motif for Instagram photos.

Stay in style at Svanøy Hovedgård. Find peace and tranquillity, soak up its history and enjoy local fare produced on the island and from the sea around it. The grand manor house is in a beautiful location with views across Svanøybukt bay and the Brufjord, and has been a central hub on the coast all the way back to the Viking Age. Here, you have the opportunity to enjoy a meal in the dining room with its hand-painted wallpaper while looking out onto the garden and the bay below, just as aristocrats and Haugean Movement notables did in their day.


Askvoll Værlandet og Bulandet

116 km2 hours
Duration: 3 days


Enjoy a romantic break in the unique scenery of Askvoll, and experience the beautiful fjord landscape of the Dalsfjord and charming islands out at the ocean’s edge, all in the course of a single day.

A great starting point for experiencing the Fjord Coast

Askvoll Fjordhotell is situated in the heart of Askvoll, and is a great starting point for experiencing the beautiful Fjord Coast. Enjoy delicious home-made fare, made from local produce and relax in the pretty hotel garden.

Explore Askvoll on a beautiful autumn day. Enjoy a delicious meal at Askvoll Sjøbuer Mat og Drikke with its great views of the marina, and go for a walk on the cultural trail that starts in the nearby harbour.

Rib boat trip to Alden

Experience nature up close and the fantastic archipelago around Askvoll. Join a guided trip to Alden. You will be picked up by a comfortable RIB boat at the guest marina in the centre of Askvoll. A local guide will tell you about the area’s history en route, so it’s just a matter of sitting back and enjoying the fantastic landscape. You get to Alden after a 20-minute high-speed trip through islets and skerries. You’re helped safely onto land and you can then walk around on your own. Follow the path to the top of the mountain known as ‘the Norwegian horse’ (481 metres) offering 360-degree views across the ocean.

Værlandet and Bulandet

Experience Norway’s westernmost settlements, the archipelago Værlandet and Bulandet, west of Askvoll. The islands lie like pearls on a string beautifully linked together by six bridges and an 11-km section of road. These islands are popular with people who enjoy cycling, kayaking, fishing and walking. Going island hopping by bike among the myriad of islands from Værlandet to Bulandet is a fantastic experience.


Visit the charming island of Atløy and be enchanted by the beautiful scenery. You can see the wooden Vilnes church built in 1674. The island is great for walks with many different options available. How about climbing to the top of Skredvarden (636 metres) or seeing the black, white and green striped Brurastakken? This mountain is easy to spot from the sea and is a popular destination for geology fieldwork.



33 km34 minutt
Duration: 3 dagar

Fjaler byr på mektige natur- og kulturopplevingar. Her finn du eit rikt utval av merka turløyper og fjord- og kystopplevingar innan korte avstander.

I den sjarmerande fjordbygda Dale finn du eit godt utval av butikkar og kaféar. Besøk fødestaden til den folkekjære diktaren Jakob Sande, og ta ein tur til kulturvandringsløypa i Jakob Sandes fotspor. Gå ikkje glipp av "verdens beste" karamell frappe på Fabel Kafé og Motell og dei fantastiske skillingsbollane hos Allmuen Kafé & Interiør.

Lokal mat og opplevingar

Leonards Forlaavelse på Hellevik byr på spanande lokal mat og opplevingar. Her finn du ein stor ostedisk og interiørbutikk, og du vil oppleve ei intim og autentisk atmosfære.



32,3 km1 hour
Duration: 3 days


Hyllestad is full of small idyllic spots where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. You can stay in well-equipped chalets or at a charming hotel. Whatever you decide to do, you’re guaranteed a view of the fjord.

Majestic Lihesten

There are lots of great walks to do in Hyllestad, and one of the most popular summits along the Fjord Coast is Lihesten, the majestic mountain that sticks straight up out of the sea, which can be seen from some distance. There is a waymarked path from the Lifjord. If you’re looking for a slightly less demanding walk, we recommend walking to Sørefjordhytta, Hyllestad’s day trip cabin. Or walk on a good path to the Millstone Park Open Air Museum and combine walking with culture and history.

Paradise for fishing

Hyllestad is paradise for fishing enthusiasts from around the world. You can decide whether you would like to go on a guided fishing trip, hire a boat and set off on your own or fish in one of the many lakes.

If you’d rather see the sea at closer range, you can kayak between islets and skerries, along the fjords and sea or on lovely lakes in the municipality.



54,5 km2 hours
Duration: 3 days


Solund is the westernmost municipality in Norway. The 1,700 islands, islets and skerries that make up the Solund archipelago are a popular destination for boating and fishing holidays. Solund is just two hours from Bergen and is an excellent destination for those looking for exciting experiences in nature.

The island paradise Solund is known for island hopping, kayaking and its unique geology. Join the local postal boat and go island hopping to the idyllic fishing village Gåsvær, and go ashore and explore the island.

Kayak between islets and skerries at the ocean´s edge

The thousands of islands, islets and skerries set in beautiful scenery make Solund the perfect place for some of the best kayaking in Norway. Experience charming fishing villages and the unique geology from your kayak. Maybe you’ll even see a sea eagle?

Walks for children and adults alike

Conglomerate, the rock that makes up the entire island, is a beautiful sight. Explore the many walks in the mountains, where you’ll find options for children and adults alike. Pollatinden is the second highest mountain in Solund and is referred to as the Queen of the archipelago. It towers 541 metres above sea level, and offers commanding views of the westernmost islands in Norway. Ravnenipa (232 metres) towers above Hardbakke. There are great views to the west from the top, and of the administrative centre of the municipality.

Lighthouse safari to Utvær

Utvær is the westernmost group of islands with the westernmost lighthouse in Norway. It offers both a real sense of history and fantastic scenery out here at the ocean’s edge The view from the top of the lighthouse is fantastic! Lighthouse safaris are available every Saturday from the end of June until the middle of August.