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  1. Sogndalstrand
  2. Nesflaten
  3. Egersund
  4. Sandnes
  5. Sandnes
  6. Stavanger
  7. Haugesund


91,9 km1 h 34 min
Duration: 1 day

In Stavanger, the two-star Michelin restaurant RE-NAA is an excellent choice and further south in the region is Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell, who scored 6 out of 6 in the regional newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad. The journey offers tradition and history, yet at the same time, it offers comfort and the modern art of cooking. Locally sourced, excellent ingredients are a must in the culinary region of Norway. It also helps to have talented chefs with a passion for their oeuvre.

Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell - a hotel with character

Sogndalstrand - 30 km south of the town Egersund - originally an ancient seaport from the sailship era. This picturesque environment is home to the Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell in restored wooden clothing from the 1800s. Sogndalstrand is the only community in Norway where both the wooden housing dating from the 1700s and 1800s and the surrounding cultural landscape are protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage. Visitors are welcomed with warmth and hospitality. In their restaurant "Folvik Kafe" they serve "authentic and homemade", an interest sprung from their pride in Norwegian and especially local food culture and traditions.

Sogndalstrand Kulturhotel|© Eduardo Grund/ Visit Region Stavanger


222 km4 h 7 min
Duration: 2 days

Grand experiences in Suldal

The hotel, Energihotellet was designed by architect Geir Grung in the 60s and lies in a tranquil and sunny location at Nesflaten with a view of the lake Suldalsvannet. Energihotellet seeks to provide good experiences related to local food, culture as well as communicate the area's history in architecture and hydropower. The peaceful nature surrounding the hotel invites you to explore throughout the year. The hotel has 29 rooms, and the rooms, dining room and lounge all share the same stunning view. The hotel is part of the scenic route "The Discovery Route".



60,9 km57 min
Duration: 1 day

Grand Hotell Egersund

Welcome to a charming hotel with an atmosphere from the 1870s and a location in the middle of Egersund town centre. At Grand Hotell Egersund, there are 101 inviting rooms, a restaurant, a wine cellar and a first-class kitchen. Egersund is a nice place to visit during summer, and the protected wooden housing from the 1850s creates a welcoming centre for shopping and socialising. In spring 2019, the hotel's new restaurant Eigra Kjøkken & Bar opened. The restaurant promises local ingredients and exciting flavours.

Eigra Kjøkken & Bar|© Grand Hotell Egersund


4,2 km9 min
Duration: 1 day

Kronen Gaard Hotell

The hotel is different, cosy and intimate. The main house in Swiss Style was built in 1898 by timber merchant Gabriel Block Watne as a summer house. The home eventually became a beloved gathering for relatives and friends, known for good food and large festivities. This was the start of the informal atmosphere that still identifies the place. The kitchen at Kronen Gaard Hotell is widely known for its honest approach to cooking with ingredients from local suppliers. The nature and surroundings are blooming from April to autumn's colour splendour in September. The stunning silver birch on the south side of the property is probably the oldest in Rogaland, planted in 1907.

Kronen Gaard Hotell|© Kronen Gaard Hotell


16,6 km18 min
Duration: 1 day

GamlaVærket Gjestgiveri & Tracteringssted

In central Sandnes, next to the railway station and the charming pedestrian street Langgata, is one of Norway's most characteristic hotels. GamlaVærket Gjestgiveri & Tracteringssted is more than a hotel, it's history. Sandnes Tag- og Mursteens-Fabrique (brickwork factory), later colloquially referred to as GamlaVærket, started up in 1783 as the first industrial business in the county. With its production of brickwork and pottery, the foundation was laid for the development of Sandnes as a small seaport into a larger and more modern city. GamlaVærket is an urban guest house that caters for all your senses.


Stavanger Haugesund

82,6 km2 h
Duration: 2 days

Eilert Smith Hotel

This is not the name of an ordinary hotel. This boutique hotel only has 12 rooms, all of which have their own unique design and special signature, classical design furniture and beds where sweet dreams are made. They are more than averagely interested in art, architecture and good food, but most importantly, in giving you the best hotel experience every time you visit. On the ground floor, is the restaurant RE-NAA, the gourmet restaurant with two stars in the Guide Michelin Nordic. Chef Sven Erik Renaa ensures a restaurant experience out of this world. The dishes are inspired by the surrounding landscapes, and in combination with the use of local ingredients, your visit has all the ingredients to be extraordinary.

Utstein Kloster Hotell and Utstein Monastery

Utstein Kloster Hotell is located in a mesmerising cultural landscape at the island Mosterøy, 24 kilometres north of the Stavanger city centre. The hotel is newly refurbished and inspiration was taken from the Utstein Monastery as well as the maritime environment surrounding the hotel. A great deal of thought has gone into architecture, choice of materials, design and art.

The hotel rooms have a comfortable atmosphere as well as views of the landscapes and the sea. The hotel also runs Utstein Monastery, Norway's only remaining medieval monastery. The monastery is not far from the hotel and offers historical venues and 19 hotel rooms.

In the hotel restaurant by the water's edge, guests can enjoy first-class meals based on the best of local and short travelled ingredients, with a lovely view of the fjord. The magnificent cultural landscape, as well as the historical surroundings, fascinates both visitors arriving by boat, hikers, nature lovers and people with an interest in history.

Lothes Mat & Vinhus

The restaurant has a view of the Smedasundet strait from most tables. Lothes only uses fresh ingredients from the area's best producers and vendors. In addition to the daily 6-course meal, there is also an à la carte menu. They serve everything from delicacies of the ocean to produce from the forest. Furthermore, you may also visit the more casual restaurant "Dattera til Lothe" (Lothe's daughter) next door.