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The amazing Flåm Railway takes you from high mountains in Myrdal station, through Flåm valley and down to the very bottom of the Aurlandsfjord and Flåm station, and has received several awards. The Flåm Railway was recognized as one of the world’s 25 most beautiful train rides by The Society of International Railway. The National Geographic Traveller Magazine mentioned the Flåm Railway on their list of top ten train rides in Europe and the Lonely Planet Traveller recognized the railway as ”the world’s best train ride”.

The railway construction commenced in 1924 and the railway finally opened in 1940. The Flåm Railway is one of the world’s steepest train rides built on normal tracks, and close to 80% of its tracks run through a rise of 55%. The Vatnahalsen tunnel spirals in and out of the mountain and is an impressive work of engineering. The 20 km long train ride takes you from the high mountains and down to the fjord. The scenic mountains are wild and beautiful, displaying snow-covered mountain tops, lush nature, impressive waterfalls, and farms high up in the mountains.

Further down in the valley of Flåm, the beauty of the Aurlandsfjord rises; this is an arm of the majestic Sognefjord – the world’s longest fjord. The one-hour-long spectacular train journey offers panoramic views of some of the wildest and most magnificent nature in Fjord Norway.

The Flåm Railway is accessible and beautiful all year round. |© Sverre Hjørnevik

The Flåm Railway and the Bergen Line

The Bergen Line, which runs between Oslo and Bergen, is a fantastic train journey over Hardangervidda National Park and the Hardangervidda plateau, Europe's largest mountain plateau. The highest point is Finse, 1,222 metres above sea level. Rallarvegen, the Navvies’ Road, is a popular cycling route from Haugastøl, over Finse, to Myrdal and down the 21 hairpin bends of the Flåmsdalen valley, and was originally built as a construction road for the Bergen Line.

At Myrdal you can get off the Bergen Line and jump on the Flåm Railway, which takes you on down to Flåm station.

Welcome to a pleasant ride with the Flåm Railway!

Stop on the Flåm railway

Myrdal is the highest station on the line, at 866 metres above sea level. Most departures correspond with the Bergen Line, which runs between Oslo and Bergen.

From Myrdal, the train winds its way in and out of the mountains and down the fantastic Flåmsdalen valley with views of beautiful mountains and waterfalls. The train stops at or drives slowly past the most stunning viewpoints.

Vatnahalsen, just after Myrdal, is the stop for Vatnahalsen hotell, which is also the starting point for the popular Flåm Zipline, right next to the hotel. Rallarvegen, the Navvies Road, also passes through the hotel grounds. It is not possible to drive to Vatnahalsen, which is a popular destination in summer and winter alike.

Further down the valley, the train stops at Reinunga, Kjosfossen, Blomheller, Berekvam, Håreina and Lunden, before the final stop in Flåm. The train only stops at certain stops if you ask the conductor.

Kjosfossen waterfall is a popular stop, and the train stops here for five minutes so people can get off and take pictures. In summer, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of huldra, a wood nymph, near the waterfall.

The "huldra" by the Kjosfossen waterfall.

Flåm Railway timetable

The Flåm Railway runs all year round. You can find timetables at Here, you will also find which departures best correspond with the Bergen Line.

Tickets for the Flåm Railway

If you’re already in Flåm, you can buy a return ticket on the Flåm Railway at If you are taking the train to Myrdal, you can buy a ticket for the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway at

Map of Flåm Railway

Would you like to see a map of Myrdal – Flåm? A map of the Flåm Railway is available here.

Activities and accommodation near the Flåm Railway in Flåm can be found in the travel planner.

You will meet people from all over the world on the Flåm Railway.|© Sverre Hjørnevik / Flåm AS

The Flåm Railway Museum

At the Flåm Railway Museum in Flåm, you can learn more about the construction of one of Europe’s steepest railway journeys, the technical development, and the people responsible.

The museum displays an authentic El 9 locomotive along with various historical items, text, photographs, and audio. You can also experience the journey with the Flåm Railway in a video display.

The Flåm Railway museum is situated by the railway station in Flåm.|© Sverre Hjørnevik

By bike in the Flåm Valley

The Flåm valley is perfect for biking. You can rent a bike in Flåm, take the Flåm Railway to Myrdal, and descend the valley by bike. This is the last stretch of the Rallarvegen route - maybe the most famous and spectacular bike route in Norway.

The Flåm valley is perfect for biking! |© Terje Rakke / Nordic Life AS

Explore the Sognefjord!

There are lots of options for active experiences in Flåm and the Sognefjord region all year round. You can also do a deep dive into the culture of Fjord Norway and visit stave churches, the Viking village Njardarheimr in Gudvangen or award-winning cider producers.