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  1. Solund
  2. Solund
  3. Kinn
  4. Svanøy
  5. Florø
  6. Florø
  7. Florø
  8. Florø
  9. Måløy


Duration: 7 hours

Island hopping in Solund, Bulandet & Værlandet

Join the local postal boat on island hopping to Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet. Experience the westernmost islands in Norway and get close to spectacular landscape with thousands of islands and islets. The local postal boat in Solund binds the island community together by delivering mail and passengers from one island to another. The last stop on the ordinary postal route is the idyllic fishing village Gåsvær. Here you get the opportunity to go ashore. Gåsvær is an old trading place, and you get to meet the local host. After this stop, the boat continues north to Bulandet in Askvoll municipality. Here you can explore the island before the boat returns to Hardbakke.

Island hopping with the local postal boat|© Visit FjordKysten


Duration: 4 h 30 min

Lighthouse safari to Utvær

Utvær is Norways westernmost island group with the westernmost lighthouse in the country. The flashing light from the monumental lighthouse from the 1900th century reaches 35 kilometres into the North sea. In the summertime you can join the lighthouse safari from Hardbakke to Utvær.

Lighthouse safari to Utvær|© Vegard Vike Engum


Duration: 1 day

The Saga Island of Kinn

Right out to the North Sea you will find the green and grassy Island of Kinn. The seas surrounding Kinn were the main grounds for herring fishing during large parts of the 19th century, with the population of Kinn and its surroundings reaching 15.000 in the winter fishing season. Today there are only a few permanent residents on Kinn. On the Island is a beautiful roman stone church from the Middle Ages. The mountain behind the church rises steeply, and the towering Kinnaklova is its nearest neighbor. The famous cleft cliff of Kinn "Kinnaklova" is famous along the coast, as its characteristic shape has always been a guide for sailors along our coast.

All year round attraction

Experience the mythical island of Kinn and let yourself be captivated by the island, its history, the medieval church, and the beautiful captivating nature! With great hiking terrain and easy access to the island from Florø, Kinn is a popular hiking destination all year around.

The Saga Island of Kinn|© Visit FjordKysten


Duration: 1 day

The Island of Svanøy

From Florø, the local ferry boat goes through a magnificent landscape to Svanøy, also known as "the pearl of Sunnfjord". Svanøy is the southernmost and most fertile island in Kinn municipality.

The best of Svanøy

On a guided tour at Svanøy, you get to experience close contact with the deer at the Norwegian deer center. This is an experience for the whole family! Svanøy´s history is diverse and on a guided tour you get to look closer at the main farm of Svanøy, which has been the bishop´s property and a noble place. Svanøy is well known for producing high-quality deer and salmon. After the tour is finished you can enjoy a delicious meal with local ingredients. Guided tours take place during the summertime and are offered on request the rest of the year.

Want to explore Svanøy on your own?

It is possible to rent bikes at the supermarket on the quay, or you can go by feet and discover the hiking trails on the island. There is also possible to book accommodation at the main farm of Svanøy, "Svanøy Hovedgård". You can also bring your own car on the ferries between Florø and Svanøy 7 days a week.



Duration: 1 day


If you cross "Rekstafjorden", then you are arriving at Askrova and Tansøy. two island communities with a total of 79 permanent residents. Here agriculture is the most important income. Askrova is a rather long and flat island, and the 7.5 square kilometres island has its highest point at 233 meters above sea level. The island of Tansøy is close by, and only 100 meters of ocean separates the two islands, bonded together by a bridge.

Askrova has great hiking terrain. As there is almost no forest on the island, there is a great view in all directions.



Duration: 1 day


On the Island of Reksta west of Florø lies Rognaldsvågen with its 80 inhabitants. The fishing village has a rare collection of boathouses. Rongaldsvågen has two ports with a distinctive canal in between, where the boathouses stand very close together. Rognaldsvåg has a calm atmosphere and a rich cultural heritage such as cemeteries and house foundations from the Viking Age. With the open sea as the Islands nearest neighbor, the opportunities for leisure activities is great. It is possible to scuba dive, try windsurfing, fishing, and hiking. A hike along Reksta is a great experience, whether you choose to walk "Sunnivaleia" along the sea, or if you walk over the three mountain peaks.



Duration: 1 day


Batalden is a group of islands. "Store Batalden" is located on the south side of Hellefjorden, about 10 kilometers outside of Florø. The island has a characteristic pyramid shape and reaches a height of 492 meters above sea level, even though the island is only above two square kilometers.

Fanøya is a little further south and has about 70 permanent residents. Here you have a supermarket and a small café. On the island there are nice hiking trails, and you can walk on a couple of smaller summits and get a great view of "Store Batalden" and all the small islets around.

Store Batalden|© Rodrigo Cordova


Duration: 2 days


Florø is the westernmost city in Norway. Here you can enjoy the idyllic small-town charm with charming cafés and nice shops in Strandgata. You have a short distance to a variety of activities and spectacular nature experiences. Join the beer tasting at Kinn Brewery, or visit the coastal museum and explore the beautiful coastal nature.



Duration: 2 days


The coastal town of Måløy, connected to the mainland by the Måløy bridge is one of the most important fishing ports in the country. Be charmed by the streets of Måløy, explore the street art that decorates the walls in the city centre and hear intriguing stories from the war at Måløy raid centre. You will find a large and tempting selection of shops in the small and pleasant shopping street, Gate 1. Let yourself be tempted by cosy cafes and restaurants where you can choose everything from fish and chips to sushi.

At the end of Gate 1 you will find the guest pier in Måløy. Here you have good facilities such as a sanitary building with shower, washing machine and dryer. There is access to water and electricity, and while grilling dinner on the quay, the kids can play on the playground.