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Top attractions in Bjerkreim

Bjerkreim offers magnificent nature and unforgettable hiking experiences - and so much more than you expect!

Top attractions in Eigersund

Egersund offers a wide selection of great opportunities to experience the coast, town, forest and mountains - all in one day!

Top attractions in Sokndal

A small place with great experiences! You are welcome to coastal culture, listed wooden houses, salmon rivers, inland waters, sea, marked hiking trails in a fantastic nature.

Topp attractions in Flekkefjord

Flekkefjord - where the south meets the west. Find the good experiences in the magical small town.

Topp attractions in Lund

Lund offers magnificent nature in all three villages; Moi, Heskjestad and Hovsherad. All the villages have good starting points for exciting hikes with diverse cultural monuments.