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Get close to nature in a Birdbox

Get close to nature in a luxurious Birdbox - a romantic hidden gem that´s perfectly located off the beaten track. You can't get closer to nature than this!

The Birdbox is a prefabricated room designed for harsh Norwegian conditions, providing shelter and comfort. The idea behind a Birdbox is that it should be small and light enough to be placed in unique locations with minimal impact on nature. You'll enjoy spectacular views and nature experiences in a romantic atmosphere.

Experience the feeling of real Norwegian nature, autumn storms, perfect sunsets or snow falling on frozen ground. Inside the modern cabin, you'll find a large, soft bed with cosy pillows that give the cabin a warm feel. The large, south-facing windows will provide a fantastic view, without any kind of visibility. For those who love to leave the nest, the surrounding areas offer great hikes. Here you can explore the mountains, take a swim in a nearby lake, or relax with a good book.

Lower your resting heart rate at Flatheim

At Flatheim you get close to nature, the mountains, the river, the light and the sounds, in the middle of the western Norwegian mountain and fjord landscape. The small farm hotel is located on the National Tourist Route over Gaularfjellet, and is the perfect starting point for those who want to explore wild and beautiful nature.

At Flatheim you will find peace. Spend the night in historic log houses with soul and charm. Each room is different and has its expression. The rooms are furnished with care and love in restored buildings in the courtyard. The courtyard is surrounded by a cosy garden with flowers and useful plants. Here you can relax while enjoying the sound of the trickling Gaular watercourse flowing nearby. The watercourse is valuable. It provides opportunities for swimming, fishing, and hiking along lakes, waterfalls, and clear, flowing water. The 22-kilometre-long Fossestien trail offers walks to suit most people. You can also go on great hikes straight from the farm. End the day with a refreshing swim in the river before climbing into the hot tub nearby.


If you're looking for a slightly different kind of accommodation, primitive luxury and even more proximity to nature, you can spend the night in a glamping tent on the edge of the river. Glamping at Flatheim is the good life. The river and nature create the perfect setting for a night out in the open.

River suite at Jølstraholmen

With the wild and beautiful river Jølstra just around the corner, you'll find the popular river suites that have taken the Instagram world by storm! Here you'll find two spectacular cabins that are great fun for each other and other campers. Each river suite offers luxury and charm and is equipped with a large, soft bed, hammock, and chairs where you can enjoy the sound of river music in peace, and a fridge to keep the cider cold until you arrive.

In the Elva Suite 1.0, you have an exclusive bathroom right next door. Here you can stand under a large 270 cm rain shower from the ceiling, the so-called Jølstrafossen. Outside you have your own wood-fired outdoor bathtub with the same view.

In Elvasuiten 2.0 you also have an exclusive bathroom in your own building. Here, you can enjoy a luxurious soak in the bathtub with an equally fantastic view. Here you will get the ultimate spa experience.

If you're feeling a little daring, you can take a dip in the natural pool right next to the Elva Suite. Afterward you can enjoy a nice hot sauna.