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- It was incredibly fascinating to watch the enormous bird fly towards us, dive down, break the water's surface and catch a fish. It was super exciting,’ says the enthusiastic Kjell Erik Engmark. He and his wife Kristin from Langhus in Nordre Follo have taken a few days holiday on the beautiful Smøla islands.

Kjell Erik Engmark and his wife on a sea eagle safari with Smøla Naturopplevelse.

The Smøla archipelago

At the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean lies the archipelago of Smøla, which is Møre og Romsdal's northernmost municipality. The main island and the thousands of surrounding large and small islets are a paradise for nature-loving and adventurous tourists.

‘It was just by chance that we ended up here,’ says the keen photographer. We needed a few days’ holiday, so packed our tent and sleeping bags and used the weather as our guide.’

Close to eagles

Kjell Erik has a great interest in birds and says it was incredible to experience the eagle safari with Smøla Naturopplevelser. ‘I had never before experienced getting so close to a powerful bird that you can almost stroke it. It was incredible,’ he smiles enthusiastically, and is very impressed with the hospitality they received at Smøla.

Harry H and Baron Blue

You can meet the celebrity Baron Blue on the sea eagle safari. He is considered to be Norway's most famous sea eagle, having been livestreamed for several years. He’s a strange old bird, according to the sea eagle safari guide Henrik Holberg, who owns and runs Smøla Naturopplevelser with his brother.

- There are several local celebrities out here, each with their special characteristics, the guide says. Take Harry H for example. He’s very fond of people and gets very excited, shows off his tricks and makes a lot of noise. The eagle is named after Harry Hestad, the former football player and coach of Molde football club.

Smøla Naturopplevelser

The family-owned experience centre has set tours throughout the summer season, three times a week. ‘The boat we use is specially adapted for taking amazing pictures and offers our guests golden photo opportunities. The boat is spacious and offers views in all directions.

Sea eagle guarantee!

- With our knowledgeable and experienced safari guide, we head out towards the areas where we know the eagles can normally be found. It’s a wonderful experience for everyone, and especially popular with families and photographers,’ says Henrik. ‘And we of course have a sea eagle guarantee,’ he adds.

About the eagle safari

The tours start from the Skagenkaien marina and guest harbour and last about 2 hours. As well as looking for sea eagles, we also explore the area's other rich bird and wildlife. The tour is especially popular with families and very good for children. The experience offers amazing photo opportunities.

- This is our most popular tour and we advise you book well in advance,’ says the local guide. The eagle safari can be experienced throughout the year.

Smøla Naturopplevelser also offers a range of spectacular boat tours, such as a speed boat trip to the fishing village Grip and an archipelago safari on a RIB boat.

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