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In recent decades, change has come from the outside. Environments like jazz and extreme sports have been important to our town. Voss has become a very diverse town.

For many years, activity suppliers have worked purposefully to offer guests a variety of activities and experiences in Voss. Our town is known for many things: the winter destination, the medal town, the extreme sports capital, and our beautiful nature and unique culture. Key elements are nature and culture. In Voss, we put great emphasis on sustainable tourism and green travel. Our nature is vulnerable and we need to treat it with respect if we want to continue experiencing it.

Voss has a rich cultural history - and it is fortunately well cared for. At Finnesloftet you get to experience a banquet hall from the Middle Ages, year 1295! Vangskyrkja from the year 1277 is also worth a visit. At the Farmstead "Mølstertunet" the buildings stand today where they have always stood, and nothing has been added or removed. The buildings give a genuine impression of the working and living conditions which developed over the centuries. A fantastic insight into our history! The story of how Voss became Voss is told in the exhibition "A view at Voss" at Voss Folk Museum, which opened in the summer of 2021. The exhibit tells the story of the last 500 years, from the Middle Ages until today.

If you want to reconnect with nature, we recommend visiting some waterfalls, e.g. Tvindefossen or Skjervsfossen. Bordalsgjelet gorge is also a great natural attraction that is within walking distance from the city center. The mountains in the Vossa region are great for hiking. Many of the hikes have panoramic views of glaciers, fjords, mountain ranges, and lakes. With Voss as your starting point, you have countless possibilities: from short walks to hikes that take several days.

There are trains to Voss from both Bergen and Oslo. It is also possible to get here by bus or by car. Voss station is a hub for public transport. You can also make your way around town from here. Local buses stop here and you can rent electric bikes during summer. You will also find Voss Gondola here, which takes you up to 820 masl in a few minutes. At street level, you will find Voss tourist information.