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Today, Renaa operates several restaurants, all of which focus on craftsmanship, quality and natural, organic ingredients picked from this region. The three-star restaurant RE-NAA, Matbaren Bistro by Renaa, Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien and Sirkus Renaa Østervåg. Sirkus Renaa is a new culinary meeting place across disciplines. You can revel in treats from their patisserie, bakery, pizzeria, ice cream and chocolate factory with a common philosophy: think globally, eat locally!

Sirkus Renaa|© Sirkus Renaa

Christmas is all about «la famiglia»

Christmas is family time for most people, and for the Renaa family it's no different; Sven Erik invites everyone he loves to celebrate. The star chef loves to gather as many as possible in the family for Christmas. And he would rather make the Christmas food himself. Sven Erik is generous with the menu; since he has a large family, there is something on the menu for everyone. He prepares roast duck with all the trimmings, and he makes the typical Norwegian dish, pinnekjøtt, both smoked and unsmoked served with sausages from Voss. Renaa also does not forget his Italian heritage with the dish passatelli soup, often added white truffle, which is also on the menu.

Help sustain your local butcher shop

Sven Erik has some insider's tips on how to make the Christmas meal taste even better! If you serve pork ribs for Christmas, it is a dealbreaker that you use the best pork you can get. It should be fresh according to Sven Erik, and should not be vacuum-packed. Help sustain your local butcher by buying the meat there. As to the "pinnekjøtt" (salted and dried lamb which is typical Christmas food in Norway), it must be watered out very well, it's important to spend plenty of time on this. Sven Erik otherwise swears by making his own garnish. This day should be special and deserves that you spend a little extra time on the meal and not buy ready-made.

Sirkus Renaa|© Sirkus Renaa

Magical Christmas at Sirkus Renaa

Torill Renaa has really gone all-in in terms of preparing for Christmas this year. Decorations have been lifted to new heights with hot air balloons, Bambi, sledges and glitter. They offer culinary and handmade Christmas gifts that are perfect as a hostess gift, Christmas gift or just a well-deserved gift for yourself!

Sirkus Renaa accepts bookings at for lunch and dinner. They also offer 2- and 3-course menus for pre-orders and larger bookings. More information is available at