Planning to visit Stavanger with the family? There is an incredible amount of fun you can find in Stavanger. Here are suggestions for activities for a two-day adventure for the whole family in the city centre.

Start your tour with a visit to the Museum of Archaeology. Find out how it was really to live during the Viking era. In the exhibition Viking Voyagers you get familiar with rebel fighters, but also the lives of six women from Rogaland: Gudrun, Svåva, Svankvit, Herborg, Sigerlin and Niamh. A housewife with psychic abilities, a well-dressed lady from a family with extrasensory contacts and a woman with a necklace that carries a brutal history.

Nearly a stone's throw away is the Norwegian Children's Museum, which is a paradise for children (and adults!). It has a great collection of toys; cars and dolls from Laerdal, climbing and playing castle, tunnel and dress up room. In the same building is also Stavanger Museum, with its natural history department. The exhibit Disfigured animals and smiling skelletons will most certainly become popular with the kids.

On the way from Stavanger museum to the centre of the city go through the city park with Breiavannet (lake). Make a stop to witness bird life. If you come here during summer (only July), there are several fun toys and activities for children in the city park next to the pavilion.

Furthermore, exiting the city park follow Klubbgaten towards Jorenholmen, go left at the end of the road and continue on until you come to the Geopark. Geopark is an experimental and different urban park that tests new forms of reuse of both ideas, materials and items from the petroleum industry. Fun place to be active!

Continue on to the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is a modern, interactive museum where you can learn how oil and gas formed millions of years ago. Try your luck as a North Sea diver, or watch how they live and work on a platform.

Follow the Blue Promenade along the waterfront from the oil museum until arriving at the other side of the harbour, continue on to the Old Stavanger and the Norwegian Canning Museum. A museum unparalleled showing an important era in Norwegian and Stavanger's history. It is recommended with a guided tour to get the most out of your visit. You have a go at placing rubber sardines in a box. If you visit on a day they fire up the smoking ovens, you can taste freshly smoked sprat! Well worth a visit!

It is recommended to do these suggested activities over a period of two days to get the maximum benefit of all experiences.


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