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Five day ultimate cruise to Bergen or Stavanger. This is the cruise for the ultimate South-Western Norway Experience. We combine the highlights of all our other tours, and take you even further along the coast. We take you to the amazing Lysefjord, where you will see the famous Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and Kjerag. We also take you to Flørli – the world's longest wooden staircase, with 4444 steps. We show you several other stunning places in the Lysefjord hidden from the crowds. We continue to Sjernarøy and a small family hotel at Ramsvig, where you will taste local delicacies at a restaurant placed in an idyllic setting. This used to be an old trading station. Røvær is our next stop, a hidden-away fishing village with a unique atmosphere. Rosendal is another beautiful stop on our itinerary, where you get close to one of the biggest glaciers in Norway. We also stop by Bekkjarvik an enjoy world class food on the way back to Stavanger or Bergen. All this, and so much more, will give you and your friends a journey you will never forget. Read more about the itinerary here: Private Cruise's website. where we take you through each day of the tour. Please note that the tour described below is from Stavanger to Bergen. If we start in Bergen we go the opposite direction, and start with day 5. The tour can of course be customized to fit your needs. Recommended: Up to 6 people.  >> Watch film and turn on sound! ​​​​​Other tours: Lysefjord & Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) cruises Extended cruises (Lysefjorden, Preikestolen, Flørli and Kjerag) City Island Cruises Combined fjord cruises and helicopter tours * Safety is our number one priority. We are CE-certified Class B. Boat and crew are in accordance with the Ship Safety Act section 2A and B. All rescue equipment is according to requirements and legislation. All passengers are insured during the tour.

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  • Strandkaien, ved fisketorget/near the fish market
  • 4006 STAVANGER
93 49 77 07


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Where is 5 days Private Exclusive Fjord cruise from Stavanger- Bergen/Bergen – Stavanger?

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