Explore Lysefjorden is located at the beautiful farm Gøysa Gard which is only 8 minutes' walk from the ferry quay at Forsand and only 20 minutes' drive from the starting point to Preikestolen. The company is operated by 3 local families which is genuinely committed to show you everything this beautiful region has to offer all year around.

Lysefjorden and the surrounding areas has much more to offer than the iconic mountain tops Preikestolen and Kjerag, and with their local knowledge you will experience new adventures. Through their cooperation with other activity providers in the region they offer a variety of activities both on the fjord and in the mountains.

The top selling activities are: - Guided kayaks tours from Jørpeland - Lysefjorden Safari in RIB from Stavanger - Preikestolen guided hiking, off the beaten track - Preikestolen guided hiking, sunrise hike

Most of the activities are bookable on their website, but please send an e-mail if you have any other wishes or requests.

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  • Gøysa Gard, Gjøysavegen 26
  • 4110 Forsand
919 03 919

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