Badedammen is located in Strømsteinen between Verven and Badehusgata on the east side of Stavanger. The bathing spot is the city's oldest with a long history. There are written mentionings from 1849, stating that it had been used as a swimming and bathing area for a long time. The area has been a popular place to swim and play for the children of the many canning factory workers who used to live here during the large herring industry period. The schools in this area also used to organise swimming training for their pupils in the pond. Badedammen today offers a small sandy beach, two piers, a water slide and a permanent barbecue. Just nearby are also toilets. The water in Badedammen is pumped in directly from the sea, thus it is salt water.

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  • Badedammen
  • 4014 STAVANGER
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Where is Badedammen bathing area?