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January 2022 there will be pomp and splendor with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and the four elves from Svartnissen, in Stavanger Concert Hall.

Welcome to Svartnissen's distinctive and highly unorthodox show universe for grown ups! There will be a red carpet, photography, party and costumes, inspired by Last Night of the Proms, the closing concert of the annual promenade concert series The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

SSO usually operates without a dress code, but for the Children's New Year's party - for adults, we encourage everyone to dress up as kings, queens, princes and of course!

Recommended age limit is 15 years and up.

DURATION about. 1 hour and 15 minutes

ORGANIZER Svartnissen and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra


    • Sandvigå 1
    • 4007 STAVANGER
    51 53 70 00

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