The city is turned upside down when the Bergen International Festival starts in May. The 2021 festival will be a combination of events with audience at the venues, and a selection of streamed events.

The festival was established in 1953 and is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries. It is the longest standing and the foremost music and theatre festival in Norway.

Information about the programme is available at the festival's website. The different events are divied between three categories: festivities, foundations and frictions.

Festivities Entertainment and surprises. For young and old. Playful scenes in the streets and events at new and familiar venues broad appeal. Experiences for your head, heart and feet.

Foundations The best of the best in the classical art tradition. Tradition and renewal, depth and reflection. Performances and concerts with a history.

Friction Reckless and shrewd, experimenting and exploring. New technology and boundless artistic landscapes.

Source: Visit Bergen


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