Bjørn Berge is out with a new album !!! The title of the new album is; Heavy Gauge!

This is Berge's 13th studio album and is a blissful mix of band and solo songs. Since the previous album was electric (Who else), Berge wanted this to be acoustic with 6 and 12 string guitars. This time it is only original songs by Berge himself and the lyrics are written by Ellis del Sol, an American living in Haugesund. Song-wise, one finds both rock, blues, pop ... but unmistakably Berge touch all the way!

When you go to a Bjørn Berge concert, you know that it will be hefty, hard, soft and fun! Bjørn Berge has never been afraid to mix different music genres at his concerts. Here we are served hefty guitar playing on acoustic guitar; rock, funk, ballads, blues and good time music and the occasional funny story.

During his career, Bjørn Berge has built up a solid live reputation as a world-class guitarist, which means that he regularly visits major jazz, blues and rock festivals and clubs around Europe and North America. His concerts are not always easy to put in booths as he combines several musical genres such as folk, jazz, blues, rock etc

- Bjørn Berge is a whole orchestra alone, and now he has found the right balance between raw and brutal and more subdued and restrained, Øyvind Rønning wrote in Dagbladet about Berge's concert at Notodden Blues Festival.

'' Bjorn Berge is an acoustic genius. The Norwegian singer can move mountains with his acoustic guitars, he can outplay the hardest metalheads and raise an enormous amount of energy. His repertoire ranges from his own powerful songs to smashing cover versions, which are much more than standard versions of old hits thanks to Berge's brutish voice and extremely dynamic guitar technique. Although this statement is only partially true: Despite all this, Berge's music is always catchy and soulful. His concerts are definitely THE acoustic guitar event of this decade. " (Badlands)

Bjørn Berge has so far released 13 studio albums, 1 live album, received 2 fiddler awards, Notodden Blues Festival Blues Prize etc.

New album coming February 12, '21

Bjørn mostly performs his own material, but he also makes his own hefty interpretations and versions of artists such as; Motorhead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, T. Rex, Kylie Minogue, Morphine, Joni Mitchell to name a few.

A small excerpt of festivals visited:

Roskilde Festival (DK), Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest (CAN), Versailles Jazz Festival (FR), Nice

Guitar Festival (FR), Basel Guitar Festival (CH), Arezzo Wave Love Festival (IT), Koktebel

Jazz Festival (UKR), Creation of Peace Festival (RUS), Burg Hertzberg Festival (DE), Notodden

Blues Festival (NO), Molde Jazz Festival (NO), Skanderborg Festival (DK), Nibe Festival (DK) and

many, many more ...

The doors open at 19.00 with sale of Violeta's delicious pizza.


    • Nordsjøvegen 4246
    • 4364 SIREVÅG
    51 43 82 20

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