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The title is based on the Sami expression "Birget", which means mastery and survival in a changing environment, and in "BIRGET; Ways to deal, ways to heal" Elle Sofe Sara, Joar Nango and Carte Blanche invite the public to a healing bridge between hidden generations and institutional guilt.

Can the sharing of trauma and personal stories create an empathic space that helps to rebuild friendly relations with a faceless State? Through the performance, we will gather, listen and build a collective movement that makes visible lived reconciliation, rather than just formalizing it. "THE BIRDS; Ways to deal, ways to heal" takes a playful but critical look at the State's way of handling its colonial heritage.

Elle Sofe Sara (b. 1984) is a choreographer and director who lives and works in Guovdageaidnu in Finnmark. She has created the dance-joke performance "Vastadus eana - The answer is land" and several award-winning short films. Elle Sofe's artistic works often reveal a space where past and present coincide, a collage of Sami physicality and spirituality and simple tools.

Joar Nango (b. 1979) is an architect and artist who lives in Tromsø. He practices in the borderland between art and architecture, and often integrates the public into his installations. He studied architecture at NTNU between 2002 and 2008, and was a festival artist during the Bergen Festival 2020.

Carte Blanche, Norgga našunála lávdi dálááiggedánsii, ¬rahpá 2023 giddaáigodaga Oslo's, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet lávddis cájáhusain "BIRGET". Dán leaba ovttas¬ráhkadan choreographer Elle Sofe Sara and dáiddár Joar Nango. "BIRGET" geahccá leaikkastalli, muhto moaitevaš calmmiin vuogi movt Stáda lea duhppeniežas kolinisttalaš árbbi.

Idea and concept /Idéa ja konseapta: Elle Sofe Sara & Joar Nango
Choreography / Choreography: Elle Sofe Sara
Scenography/Scenography: Joar Nango
Costume Designer/Bivttashábmejeaddji: Indrani Balgobin
Composer/Composer: Anders Rimpi
Lighting designer/Cuovgahábmejeaddji: Arne Kambestad
Playwright/Dramaturga: Thomas Schaupp
Research/Research: Ravdna Turi Henriksen
Dancers/Dánsárat: Irene Vesterhus, Theisen Anne-Lise Rønne, Ole Martin Meland, Aslak Aune Nygård, Caroline Eckly, Dawid Lorenc, Adrian Bartczak Noam, Eidelman Shatil, Nadege Kubwayo, Hanne van Driessche Brecht Bovijn, Gaspard Schmitt, Daniel Mariblanca, Tilly Sordat

The Norwegian Opera & Ballet
The Bergen Festival 2023
Nordic Next

About. 1 hour

Stavanger concert hall


March 07:


  • Sandvika 1
  • 4007


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Where is Care Blanche: Birget; Ways to Deal, Ways to Heal?

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