Welcome aboard MS Venemøy, a charter boat with a passenger capacity of 38 passengers.

On charter trips it is best suited for 15-20 passengers. Venemøy is 15 meters long, and has three lounges, where two of them have good views. The boat also has good deck space which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature from the deck.

MS Venemøy can offer trips from island to island with Venemøy. In the beautiful Sunnhordland there are fjords, collections of islets, attractions and overall a beautiful and maybe a bit forgotten coastal gem. This gives MS Venemøy many possibilities to create good and unique experiences with you. For MS Venemøy, no trip is too small nor too big. Feel free to contact MS Venemøy, and come with your suggestions and wishes for trips.

The persons at Venemøy will try to make a nice experience, and leave you with new memories worth remembering.

They look forward to trips and experiences together in the beautiful Sunnhordland

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  • Svartesjøen 8
  • 5444 Espevær
+47 911 29 707


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