Nordic Tenors gives you a beautiful and entertaining Christmas concert that is guaranteed to put you in the good Christmas mood!

With their unique voices, the three tenors create a pre-Christmas moment out of the ordinary. Together with its eminent pianist Torgeir Koppang, Nordic Tenors offers an experience filled with warmth and humor, and a Christmas repertoire built on holiday and tradition.

Nordic Tenors consists of tenors Roald Haarr, Nils Georg Nilsen and Jan-Tore Saltnes. The group has previously won the Comedy Prize, been royal toastmasters, opened the new opera in Oslo and has won the hearts of audiences all over the country.

PHOTO Nordstrandsfotografene

DURATION 1 hour and 20 minutes, without a break.

ORGANIZER Nordic Moments AS


    • Sandvigå 1
    • 4007 STAVANGER
    51 53 70 00

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