On this trip, you get to stay in three of them, and experience Molde, the town of roses, the world famous Atlantic Road and the coastal culture of Nordmøre, right out at the ocean's edge. You decide how long you want to stay - a few days in each place is recommended.


Molde is located in a beautiful setting with fantastic views of the Romsdalsfjord and the 222 peaks of the Molde panorama. Stay at Molde fjordstuer, with its unbeatable location on the quay in the town centre. Walk up to Varden viewpoint for spectacular views. 


From Molde, travel on to Finnøy, right out at the ocean's edge. The trip out to this old fishing village is an experience in itself. The final ferry journey takes around an hour and is an exotic experience in all kinds of weather.  You spend the night at Finnøy Havstuer, on the premises of the old trading station and fish landing facility on Finnøy. Here you will be served food straight from the sea, and you will also find one of the world's biggest collections of Norwegian aquavit. On Finnøy, it's easy to relax, unwind and energise. You can also go on a fishing trip and experience a swimming complex with fantastic views of the open sea.

The Atlantic Road - Atlanterhavsvegen

After a hearty breakfast, you return to the mainland and travel on out to Bud, a lively and charming fishing village, where you can eat lunch and visit Ergan Coastal Fort. From Bud, you drive on towards Hustadvika - a beautiful and revered stretch of water. Many ships have been lost in this area. You then come to the world famous part of the Atlantic Road - known as 'the Road in the Ocean', the road winds its way across seven bridges like a serpent to Kårvåg on Averøya. Stop at Eldhusøya, where you will find a café, a scenic path and a lovely walk around the island. You can also fish along the Atlantic Road!

Håholmen and North Møre

The listed fishing village Håholmen near Kårvåg has served as a meeting place, harbour, home and workplace for fishermen, seamen, traders and travellers for centuries. The Viking ship Kvitserk carries guests across to the fishing village and Håholmen Havstuer, where you spend the night. Don't miss the chance to taste the signature dish clipfish, go on an eagle safari and enjoy the peace and atmosphere of authentic historical surroundings. Before returning to Molde, why not take a detour to Kristiansund, north of Molde? The town is spread across four islands, connected by bridges, at the ocean's edge. Take a trip on the Sundbåten ferry, visit the island of Grip out in the sea, which has its own stave church dating from 1470. On the way back to Molde, you can drive via Angvika and spend the night at Angvik Gamle Handelssted, a little gem on the Tingvollfjord. Here, you can experience National Romantic art, a welcoming open fire, local food, beautiful porcelain and a spa section.


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