Historically, the pilgrim was a person who embarked on a journey of spiritual content or toward a sacred goal. Many had a hope of being healed of illness, others set out on the journey to cure wrongdoing. Others left with pure travel or adventure interest. Modern pilgrimage can hardly be called penance. It can be a journey to seek new values, increase the quality of life and gain new impulses. There is great interest in pilgrimage today.

The Norwegian coast has been used as a thoroughfare for ages. A pilgrimage trail has now been established along the coast from Egersund to Trondheim, the Kystpilegrimsleia (coastal pilgrimage path). The path mixes hiking and travelling by public transport such as boat and bus. It has come about through collaboration between the county authorities, the National Antiquarian and the Norwegian Church. Along the route, there are 26 key places that have great historical and cultural value, and here you can get your pilgrim pass stamped. 

The coastal pilgrimage path was given the status of "St. Olavsled" and European Cultural Road in 2018. Most groups have done the path, however, a travel guide is now published facilitating pilgrims to travel on their own. The book is written by Margun Pettersen on behalf of the Nasjonalt pilegrimssenter (National pilgrim centre) in 2020. 

First stage Egersund - Stavanger (111.5 km, 4 days)

The walk starts at Egersund church and ends at the cathedral in Stavanger. You mostly hike on hiking trails and hiking trails, but also along the busy road. The section Sola Ruinkyrkje - Stavanger Cathedral is marked with a pilgrim mark and work is under process to mark the entire path. The map in the guidebook is useful. The handbook also provides suggestions for accommodations and information about what to see along the way.

Second stage Stavanger - Utstein

Must be carried out by bus and hiking.

Third stage Utstein - Avaldsnes

Must be carried out by hiking and bus.

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  • Multi-day
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Where is Coastal Pilgrim tour Egersund - Trondheim?

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