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Play along the coast. Incredible fun regardless of age. At the Tananger loading station, walk with Coastal Adventures in a wetsuit, shoes, helmet and life jacket into the sea. Play, explore and jump off 1- or 10-metre cliffs and challenge nature and your own comfort limits. You don't have to be able to swim, but you cannot be afraid of water. You will get wet but not cold (due to the wetsuit).

The trip is suitable for both the daring and the slightly more cautious. "Adventure by choice"; means you might jump out from 1-meter's height, but choose to watch the others who jump from 10-meters height! Meet up at Hummeren Hotel. Afterwards, you can choose to book a sauna at the Hummeren Hotel's own sauna fleet with a wood-burning stove. Enjoy!

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  • Utstein Kloster Hotell, Mosterøyveien 661
  • 4156 MOSTERØY
+47 90361656


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Where is Coasteering at Tananger in Sola?