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Do you have a comedian in your stomach? Do you want to do standup, but need an extra kick? Date: Monday, September 20, 2021 Location: Melkebaren, Sandnes, Industrigata 1 Time: 19: 00-22: 00 Registration is approved when purchasing a ticket (899, -) Comedy Box's standup course is led by Kjetil Melkevik, and focuses on joke structure, joke writing, different types of jokes, different types of punchlines, different storytelling methods, stage mastery, and performance techniques, with many useful examples. We work methodically and reveal golden tips and warn against common pitfalls, and not least answer all the questions you have. It becomes a theory part, and a practical part. All participants will also have the opportunity to do standup on several Standup Uncut evenings in Grottene på Folken. Who is Kjetil Melkevik? Kjetil Melkevik is in his 7th year as a stand-up comedian and is the prime mover in the stand-up community in Stavanger. He has made over 450 appearances in over 50 different towns and villages, which include several culture houses, Latter in Oslo and Ricks in Bergen. Kjetil has performed with several of the country's best comedians, and warmed up for Rune Bjerga, and HBO's TJ Miller + several others. In September 2020, he premiered his first solo show "Phantom Pain", which he did in several cities, and which he is currently with throughout 2021. In recent years, Comedy Box has made Stavanger one of the more attractive cities to do stand-up in. We have good partners, really professional scenes, a fantastic audience, and we strive to become one of Norway's best stand-up environments! And the opportunity to perform is constantly increasing. To read more about Comedy Box, click here. The event is in Norwegian.


    • Industrigata 1, 4307 Sandnes, Norway
    • 4307 Sandnes

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