In Norddal municipality there is 163,3 km² of common Crown land for which fishing licences are sold. The Crown land is part of the Valldal and tafjord mountains. These areas are found at altitudes from about 1000 till 1999 m.a.s.l., and include 15 good lakes for fishing and several kilometres of trout river.

It is a good idea to buy a fishing licence for the common lands together with private licences, especially for the areas in the upper part of Valldal, like Øvstestølen and the Tjønne-Steindalen area. Here the common areas, in teh shape of "fingers", mix in with the private land, making it worthwhile buying fishing licences for both common and private areas.

Fishing licences:
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or privat from:
- Lars Grønningsæter +47 70 25 86 50

- Odd Langdal +47 70 25 86 22

- Arne Hoel +47 70 25 86 54


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