Daytrip to the top of Langfoss waterfall  Facts: Langfoss waterfall was in 2011 voted as one of the worlds most beautiful waterfalls by CNN, with its 612-metre cascading fall, and as the fifth highest waterfall in Norway.

Information and starting point: By the E134 road kiosk at Langfoss parkingplace, where you will get information for the hike, and packed lunch with local food.

Altitude difference: 20–881 metres

Estimated time: 3 - 5 hours there and back (Stop at Varahaugen for a shorter hike, approx 2 hours)

Walking map: Etne – Saudafjella 1:100 000 Grading: Demanding/hard Colour code: Red Equipment: Hiking boots, hiking clothes. It is mandatory to keep dogs on a lead.

Recommended advice: The stones/the path might be slippery. Please pay careful attention!

Season: june - october

Tour Description: The path is clearly marked and easy to follow. It climbs steadily upwards through wooded terrain and the ascent is steep in places. The path is the original route from the Eljervik Farm to Langfoss summer pasture farm on the plateau above the waterfall. There is some impressive stonework along the path. This is where former generations struggled to bring their herds up to the mountain pastures and then back down again, loaded with butter and cheese. Even today, the sheep are brought to their summer pasture along this path.  Some places offer magnificent views of the Åkrafjord. The highlight of the trip is the viewpoint at Varahaugen. At 640 metres above sea level you get a panoramic view of the fjord. You can see the road that was the starting point for the trip and you get some good views down the fjord. You can also see Mosnes and the National Park with the magnificent Folgefonna glacier in the background. Continue the trip and follow signs and red T 2 day hike suggestion: Stay 2 nights at the cabin at Rullestad, and next day go hiking to Trolltunga. Only 30 min to drive in car to Odda and Trolltunga. Stay at the cabin in Rullestad.


  • Teigland
  • 5590 ETNE
+47 95 90 96 64

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