This roundtrip is 35 km long and a bit more challenging. One of the first sections of the trip is rather steep and the total elevation is 700 metres. The route is mainly covered in asphalt, but includes a minor section of gravel road. The main road has little traffic and even though this is not technically a cycling path, the route is considered to be overall safe to cycle. From Egersund city centre, cycle towards Sokndal (FV44). At the crossing to Koldal, turn left and follow the signs on the paved road towards Puntervold and Koldal. At the crossing at Hegdal, turn left towards Vindbirkeland. Then, follow the paved road straight until you join the gravel road at the end of Nodlandsvatnet. The gravel road is about 0.5 km before it turns into a paved road, down to the centre again. Along the way from Nodland towards Veshovda, you will pass a hiking area Horve, where it is perfect to take a break. From Horve, you go back via Veshovda and then down Koldalsbakken back to the city centre.

Where is Egersund - Koldalsbakken - Puntervoll - Nodland i heia - Veshovda - Egersund centre?