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11. December @ 20.00 (doors open @ 19.00)Enveloping Sound with Rhys Chatham (US/FR) - G3 Tickets: 150kr/ 100Kr student"GUITAR TRIO IS MY LIFE!" That disarmingly concise personal manifesto was bellowed by a passionate, inebriated young fan at a 2006 Rhys Chatham concert in the de facto capital of rock & roll, Cleveland. It pretty much says it all. Written and first performed in 1977, "Guitar Trio" is, at first glance, a work for multiple electric guitars, all playing the same chord, E (well, Em7, if you want to get specific), with a special tuning of the strings, in a rhythm that vaguely resembles that of "My Baby Does the Hanky Panky" by 60s group Tommy James & the Shondells. Later versions incorporate more guitars, but the chord and rhythm remains the same. Yet Chatham's signature work is much more than that; it's a composition with a half-life, an adventure in sound that continues to radiate influence and inspiration 30 years after it was first performed in a New York nightclub. Loud, raw, ecstatic New York minimalism has its source in the work of Tony Conrad and John Cale in the early 1960s. However, the original premiere of Rhys Chatham's "Guitar Trio" is the point at which that river of sound jumped its banks and began to wind its way to the mainstream. At the time, the piece had an immediate impact; it placed Chatham at the forefront of the burgeoning No Wave scene, which blossomed in the fetid, fertile streets of the Lower East Side during the late 1970s. Its influence spread further, as protégés and members of Chatham's ensembles folded the sound into their own. That sound continues to seep outward. 


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