"Stopping at Ervik Church, built in memory of the Hurtigruten Coastal Express Ship St. Svitun, was a special experience. The ship sank in 1943 having been bombed by six British aircraft. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the locals, who risked their own lives in huge waves to save those who jumped from the ship, 75 people survived. The dead who were found were buried in the graveyard at Ervik Church. For me, the story and the view made this roadside church a very special place to stop before driving on through the open and colourful coastal landscape. There are great walks in Ervik, for example to Hovden. If you would like to go on a guided walk in the area, contact Stadt Naturguiding, which knows the area well and can tell you about its rich history".

Fred Syversen

The chapel is situated in Ervik, approximately 15 km from Stadlandet (Leikanger). Ervik church was built in memory of the coastal steamer «St. Svithun» which sank here in 1943. The church is beautifully situated by a lovely sandy beach. Roadside church. Take a pause on Your journey, and visit Ervik church.

Ervik church is open during the summer.

Contact the tourist office for more information.

Source: Nordfjord



Where is Ervik church?