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Experience Stavanger and Ryfylke on your own, at your pace and make your own adventure. Visit the Preikestolen, the most popular natural attraction in Norway with our new, fun, green and electric cars! A 40 - 50 minutes eTour from Stavanger city (cruise ship port) through the world's longest subsea tunnel to the Preikestolen parking area and power charge station for electric cars. You can choose between the cars eTwizy or Fiat 500e.   The hike to Preikestolen is of moderate difficulty. In total, the 8 kilometer hike takes 4-5 hours (round trip). The trail has significant shifts in terrain with ponds, forests, and stone steps built by Nepalese sherpas. Total elevation: 330 metres. Be safe and prepared for your adventure in the Norwegian mountains. Check the weather forecast, bring the right equipment and maybe a local guide will make your hike to Preikestolen unforgettable. Etours Ryfylke is the fun way of sightseeing, laughing all the way.


  • Stavanger turistinformasjon/Stavanger Tourist information, Strandkaien 61
  • 4005 STAVANGER
411 62 669


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Where is ETour and hiking to Preikestolen – Daytrip?