Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke offers exceptional scenic experiences, passing through some of the country's most magnificent landscapes. Along the way are viewpoints and picnic areas, designed to enhance the pleasure of travellers and fit in with the surrounding scenery. Your time, your adventure! Stop and enjoy hiking along the route, visit the viewpoint and feel your heart beat in the beautiful and spectacular scenery between the fjord and the mountains. Book your next adventure, and stay at a hotel along the route. eTours Ryfylke recommends for maximum benefit, 6 days with tours and hiking, but you will also have a fantastic eTour on a 4-day trip. You can choose between eTwizy or the Fiat 500e. The Fiat has a WLTP range of 320 km. Remember that the eTwizy is for for two people only, with limited room for luggage. Good shoes and clothes for hiking are all you need. Should you miss something, you can purchase along the route. Make your stay in Stavanger unforgettable with our practical and environmentally friendly electric cars! This is the fun way of sightseeing, laughing all the way.



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Where is ETours on Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke?

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