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Experience Stavanger and Ryfylke on your own, at your pace and make your own adventure. Visit the beautiful islands of Ryfylke with our new and fun, green electric cars! Choose between eTwizy and Fiat 500e with WLTP range of 320 km. Explore Stavanger and Ryfylke We have cars available in both Stavanger and Rennesøy to ensure the best starting point for your trip. The Ryfylke islands Finnøy, Talgje and Rennesøy are all connected by tunnels, making travelling between them easy. Apart from the main island, Finnøy includes as many as 16 smaller isles, all of them connected by either brigde, tunnel or ferries. Three of Rogaland's ten medieval churches are found on these islands, with Talgje church from 1140, Hestby church from 1200 and Sørbø church from 1130. The famous Utstein Monastery at Rennesøy, is Norway's best-preserved monastery. In addition, Fjøløy fort, Fjøløy lighthouse and Bru cultural trail are worth a visit. Rennesøy consists of eight islands, referred to as "the green isles" due to their botanical diversity. There is also a high number of cultural heritage sights to be found, including old ruins, tombs, rock art, stone crosses and Viking boat-houses. Should you wish to start the tour from Rennesøy, you will be picked up and returned to Stavanger by boat. This trip amongst the "green islands" is an experience in its own right.  With Stavanger as your point of departure, the national monument Swords in rock (Sverd i fjell) is an essential stop. This was where Harold Fairhair gathered all of Norway under one crown in year 872. In addition, 40 minutes eTours from Stavanger city (cruise ship port) through the world´s longest subsea tunnel you can start your hike to the spectacular Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Use your day at the most popular natural attraction in Norway.  And continue the eTours through the wildest and most beautiful landscape along Lyngsvatn to Songesand at sea level in Lysefjord. End the  eTours withe a Lysefjord cruise, and pass the Preikestolen on sea level on the ferry from Songesand, to Forsand/Oanes. 

ETours Norwegian Scenic Routes Ryfylke offer exceptional scenic Experiences, passing through some of the contrys most magnificent landscapes. Along the way are viewpoints and picnic areas, designed to enhance the pleasure of travellers and to and to fit in with the surrounding scenery. Make your stay in Stavanger unforgettable with our practical and environmentally friendly electric cars! 

This is the fun way of sightseeing, laughing all the way. 

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