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Activities at Sunnmøre Museum

At Sunnmøre Museum, you can stroll around among beautiful, old buildings and boats in lovely surroundings. The museum has several exciting activity days throughout the year, where you can participate in for instance archery, different handicrafts, guided tours and history telling, among others. See link below for more information on opening hours and prices! Visit the open-air museum with its vast collection of old houses. Enjoy a stroll between the picturesque houses and the indoor exhibitions, and get an insight into the cultural and architectural history of Sunnmøre. Sunnmøre Museum is a beautiful open air museum with 55 old and distinct houses. While walking in between these houses you feel as if you are put back in time, and you will see how people lived in earlier times. On Wednesdays in the summer there are a lot of activities going on at the museum, such as trips with Viking ships. In the main building the fascinating exhibitions on archaeology and culture in the Sunnmøre region will provide you with a unique insight into the life of the people who have inhabited this area for several thousand years. Visit the vast and exciting boat collection in Borgundgavlen, and see how people at Sunnmøre have tried to tame the sea for centuries. The magnificent Viking ship Borgundknarren was built in Volda after designs of a ship found in Denmark in 1962. The "knarr" was the Viking's trade and cargo ship more than thousand years back in time. Visit the Medieval Age Museum also located on the premises. The beautiful area surrounding the museum is also excellent for walks.