Trout fishing in the lake Herdalsvatnet (496 m.a.s.l.), the lakes in Nøre-Herdalen, Vassdalen, Grjøtdalsvatnet, Kallskaret and in the river Herdøla and the inlet rivers to Herdalsvatnet. The starting point for fishing in this area is the summer farm Herdalssetra, easily accessible by toll road from Engeset (fee NOK 40,-). From the summer farm you can walk on good paths over Nøre-Herdalen to Kaldhussetra as well as across Kallskaret to Tafjord. Most of the lakes are situated close to these paths. On the summer farm there is boat rental for fishing on the lake Herdalsvatnet. In the river Herdøla, stretching from Herdalsvatnet down along the valley, angling on both sides of the river is allowed as far down as the waterfall Dampfossen (marked). From here to Engeset, fishing is only allowed on the east side where the road is.
<b>Fishing licence:</b> <br>
- Petrines Gjestgiveri +47 70 25 92 85<br>
- Café at Herdalssetra<br>
- Box by toll road<br>


  • 6214 Norddal

Where is Fishing in Herdal and surroundings?