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Fjord Cruise Hjørundfjord is an excellent hub when exploring the region or just a beautiful day trip. In the Øye area you can, for example, explore ruins of underwater farms in Norangsdalen in the summer or spend lazy days by the fjord with the fishing rod.


Fjord Cruise Hjørundfjord: Can I 'Hop On' or 'Hop Off' in Trandal, Sæbø or Urke?

Yes! Try the famous swing at Trandal/Christiangaard Farm, and enjoy a nice lunch while you are waiting for the next boat departure. Urke is a perfect start for many of the nice hikes in Hjørundfjord, like Saksa and Urkeegga, and local easy hikes to Gapahuken. Please see own descriptions for these tours regarding details about difficulty level and time. There are also many local Guide Companies that will be happy to be your guide.

'Hop Off' Trandal/Sæbø/Urke: For 'Hop Off', report to crew when boarding.

'Hop On' Trandal/Sæbø/Urke: For boarding, contact the host at Tranda or Urke Kaihus to assist you in contacting the boat. Or call +47 90 72 01 72.


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  • Ålesund - Trandal - Sæbø - Urke - Øye
  • 6002 Ålesund
+47 90 72 01 72

Where is Fjord Cruise Hjørundfjord?