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You will sail through UNESCO's World Heritage-listed fjords featuring majestic mountains, wild nature and idyllic villages.

If you take the ferry from Gudvangen to Kaupanger, the start of the cruise will be sail through the narrow, majestic Nærøyfjord. When the snow melts in June, you can see up to 25 waterfalls, including Kjelfossen waterfall in Gudvangen, which has a free fall of 840 metres.  

Further on, you will enter the Aurlandsfjord, which is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the end of this fjord, the ferry will sail past the small village of Frønningen. The village has no road connection. The only access is via boat.

This is where people have lived from time immemorial, and the trip affords the sight of small homesteads clinging to the sides of the steep mountains that plunge into the fjord. An air of nostalgia permeates this spectacular fjord landscape surrounded by mountains such as Bleia reaching up to 1775 metres. Snow-covered peaks forming a striking contrast with the dark, deep fjord are all part of an experience you will never forget.

When you arrive Kaupanger you have to visit one of the best preserved stave churches in Norway, Kaupanger Stave Church. 

Duration: 2 hours one way

Price: From 330 NOK

Season: Summer

Bicycles allowed

When booking a vehicle, the driver is included in the price. 

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Where is Fjord Cruise Kaupanger - Gudvangen?