Welcome on board from the Quay in Solvorn this summer. Fjordcruise in Lustrafjorden and Sognefjorden.

Luster Nature guides offers trips to Indre Ofredal, Lustrafjorden, Vettisfossen in Årdal and you can tailor your own trip.

The trip to Ofredal

Guided Fjordcruise in Lustrafjorden. Stories to be told at Stuaflåten, Ytre Eikjo, Feigumfossen, Munthehuset, Ornes stave church, Kinsedalen, Kvalen and eventually Indre Ofredal, the refurbished beauty in Årdalsfjorden. A refurbished cultural farm and saw mill from the 19th century. Guided tour on the settlement with coffee and home made waffle.

Duration: 3 hours


steinar@lusternatureguides.no or

phone 40 00 00 20

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Where is Fjordcruise Luster- & Årdalsfjorden, Indre Ofredal?

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