Fjordcruise consists of a guided tour on the boat to destinations such as Flor & Fjære, Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri and Espevær. When we arrive at the destination there will be a tour with a local guide, followed by a better dinner.

Viking Adventures unique destinations are: Flor & Fjære Espevær Bekkjarvik Haaheim Gård Borgøy Rosendal Kvitsøy Hardanger Åkrafjorden

Practical information: Departures: Haugesund and Kopervik Time: Full day 6-8 hours Included: Transport, guide on M / S Gyda, guided tour and a better dinner.

Do you arrive Haugesund by cruise? See Viking Adventures guided tours here.


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  • Sundgaten 167 B
  • 5527 Haugesund
+47 52 80 42 98

Where is Fjordcruise with MS Gyda in Rogaland - Viking Adventure?