Fjordsplorer want to show you that it is possible to have a great time and take care of Mother Earth and the beautiful landscape around us while doing so. Fjordsplorer hope that an activity like this will be attractive, as it is not only fun, but it gets the blood pumping and is healthy for both body and nature.

Fjordsplorer currently have two bicycle facilities, one in Aurland and one in Flåm, with total 13 charging stations and 10 bicycles distributed between these two areas.

Bicycle facilities are open for rent between 06:00 and at 23:00. Outside of these times, it is not possible to rent a bicycle.


1 hour pass

Price: NOK 150 / hour

After 1 hour: NOK 150 / hour

Maximum price per day (12h): NOK 700

3 hour pass

Price: NOK 340/3 hours

After 3 hours: NOK 50. pr hour

Maximum price per day (12h): NOK 700

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  • Aurlandsvangen
  • 5745 Aurland

Where is Fjordsplorer, Aurland?