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You'll find peace and silence on Flatheim Farm. At the farm you will experience closeness to nature, mountains, rivers and the forest.

The farm has sheeps, a variety of chickens, quail, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and goats. We have provided a recreational area by the river, with fireplace. Here are opportunities for activities like fishing, swimming, canoeing, as well as a nice tent ground. Flatheim Farm also offer rooms for rent.

We have a kiosk from the 60s. We offer ice cream, soft drinks, coffee, waffles and local products. We also have a "nostalgia cellar" with room for smaller parties, courses, meetings and seminars.

Flatheim is a good starting point for excursions - summer and winter. Marked trails in the area are among other, Fossestien, Storehesten, Bird trail - learning and experience trail. If desired, we offer guidance. During the winter we are close nabour to Hoffslåttane ski play area.

We have open during the week, and may otherwise receive visitors by appointment for adapted programs.

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  • 6978 VIKSDALEN

Where is Flatheim?