The Flørli stairs have 4.444 steps and is one of the longest wooden staircases in the world. The staircase follows the watergates supplying the hydropower station at the quay. The stairs end at the Ternevass dam. Well above the treeline, you will enjoy the great view out of the Lysefjord and toward the Preikestolen massive from up there.

If you want to catch all the 4444 steps, but do not want a long trip, you can follow a 100-year-old trail from the top down to Flørli again.The trail was originally used by navvies da dam at Tern Lake would be built. Here were transported machinery and equipment that would be used in the construction process. The dam was begun in 1918 and the entire facility was completed in 1920.

From the weir western side of the trail starts. On top you'll find a solid beacon showing the way. Down the path you will see several large boulders that are set up as wizards. The trail goes for a while on the bare mountain, before one must cross a scree. After scree you reach down to the vegetation and crossing the service road. Moreover, the path must cross Flørliåa the bridge.

From here, take the main trail that goes down to Flørli. Crosses a tributary of Flørliåa suspension bridge. It is worthwhile to stop and look around at Flørli Stølen. Back on the quay is the summer open Flørli gallery and café in the historic hydropower station - enjoy a well deserved snack here!

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  • Flørli i Lysefjorden
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Where is Flørli stairs and Rallarstien?