Do you need some advice on what to explore on a girl's trip to the Stavanger region? Fjords and mountains - suggestions for a weekend break with the combination urban and natural experiences.  Thursday - Sunday: travel by airplane, train or bus to the city of Stavanger and rent a car for a couple of days. Start with driving to Sandnes where you can get some freshly baked bread from Gamlaværket. Along the road, we advice to do some food shopping before heading south on the E39 to Figgjo. At Figgjo, you can visit the porcelain factory; the only factory in the Nordic countries that actually produces its china themselves. You can make a bargain here! Several of the products here have been developed in cooperation with gourmet chefs and are being tested on selected gourmet restaurants in Norway and abroad before being launched.  Outlets along the way Continue through Ålgård and stop at Norwegian Outlet where you will find many good offers. Continue south and take the turn on fv45 direction Sirdal. In Oltedal, just by the road, is Spinneriet - Gjestal kro & butikk, where you can buy knitting yarn and knitted clothing. There is also a coffee shop so it is a good opportunity to enjoy a hot brew before shopping some more.  Continue then to Byrkjedal where you find the unique Byrkjedalstunet with a restaurant and a large candle and souvenir shop. Drive then back to Gilja, and through the tunnel to Frafjord where Frafjord SPA is located. It is here possible to be accommodated in one of their top modern apartments for a couple of nights. After a good nights sleep and breakfast it is time to get some exploring and pampering on the schedule. What about a hike to Månafossen, the tallest waterfall in Rogaland, before you give yourself a break with a spa treatment at Frafjord SPA. Another night in peaceful, tranquil and beautiful surroundings awaits you before going back the next day.  Urban finish to your weekend? After being close to nature for a few days, perhaps a cultural urban experience is tempting? We recommend that you return to Stavanger city centre where you book in at one of Stavanger's many hotels. Several hotels also offer weekend packages with show tickets in addition to accommodation.

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