Fjord Active offers guided glacier hike to "our very own" glacier destination, the Tunsbergdal Glacier. This glacier arm is the longest arm of the Jostedal Glacier, and it is surrounded by rich and mighty nature.

This one-day experience is a medium level walk to a remote area of the national park, and we seldom meet other people on our adventures. The tour starts with a boat ride crossing a lake, Tunsbergdalsvatnet. Steep mountains and waterfalls are your surroundings, and the nature is spectacular. From the lake you walk the path alongside the powerful glacier river to the ice. This is a medium level walk, rising about 200 meters in total.

Equipped with safety gear as crampons, hardness, ice axe and rope, you are ready to enter the blue ice world! The guide will take you alongside crevasses, under blue ice towers, finding melting canals and waterholes to explore the glacier. At all times your safety is well taken care of from a qualified Fjord Active guide.

If you are lucky, the guide will find a blue ice cave or a tunnel you can enter. Fjord Active has a tipi between the lake and the glacier, making a natural spot for resting both on the way to and from the glacier. Here you can refill energy from your lunch box, or other snack you bring along. This is also a safety spot, seeking shelter from wind and rain if that is an issue. The glacier hike adventure is perfect if you wish to explore the nature and the glacier away from crowds and mass tourism.

Fjord Active seldom meet other people on their adventures, as they are one of few operators on this glacier. It is a 6–7-hour tour in medium difficulty level, but it is a long day. You should be prepared for ca. 15 km of walking. It is important to wear good and warm clothing, protecting from wind and rain, and solid shoes, preferably hiking boots. (Solid trainers can do, but you might get wet feet). Hat and gloves are also good to bring.

The tour has the age limit from 10 years. You need to have shoe size 35 or bigger, to be able to fit the crampons.

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