Giske is specially rich in burial mounds and graves from the stone age and on. Mjeltehaugen at Giskegjerdet is approximately 30 metres in diameter. Among others, a decorated stone chest was found here. The Eilif grave at Godøy is a 5 m tall burial mound from the younger Roman Age (375-400 years a.Chr.). It was unearthed in 1962.

A presentation of the grave can be seen in the coastal museum of Godøy. The Blimshaugen at Vigra is approximately 36 m in diameter and 5 m tall. Several graves and stone chests from the young Roman Age were found. Kongshaugen (the King's hill), or Valderhaugen at Valderøy, is the location of the oldest boat discovery of the North.

Grave fields: approx. 60 graves at Gjuv, Godøy.


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Where is Gravrøyser i Giske?