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Folgefonni Breførarlag's guided glacier trips Fonnabu-Holmaskjer: The route from Mauranger to Odda has a long history. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, people were taken up to the edge of the glacier on horseback and pulled across the glacier on sledges. Meanwhile, the sailing ships, and later the steam ships, sailed around the peninsula to pick up the tourists on the other side. It is thus a pleasure for Folgefonni Breførarlag to continue this tradition by guiding mountain enthusiasts with or without glacier experience along a route steeped in tradition. Facts: The trip from Sundal to the Fonnabu cabin goes up the beautiful Keisarstien trail, which is well marked with cairns and red Ts. The old route from the Holmaskjer cabin down to Tokheim and Odda has been improved and is now well marked. This means that people can make their way to the edge of the glacier on their own and be guided across the glacier by skilled guides. Crossing the Folgefonna glacier requires good navigation skills and glacier equipment. Since glacier guiding started here in 2001, more people have been able to cross the glacier and experience the contrasts between summer and winter on the warm hillsides on both sides of the glacier. The trip across the glacier plateau offers everything from lovely sunny weather to snow and rain. It is therefore necessary to pack all the equipment you would need for a winter trip. Hats and mittens are a must, as are sunglasses and sunscreen. Participants must be of average fitness. The ascent to the glacier is heavy going on both sides. The actual walk across the glacier trip itself is at a gentle pace. The trip offers beautiful views in all directions from the roof of Norway. Among other things, you will see the Hardangervidda mountain plateau and Hårteigen mountain to the east, the North Sea to the west, the Rosendalsalpane mountains on the horizon and the Hardangerfjord below. The Folgefonn tunnel enables you to travel from Odda to Mauranger (Sundal) in 10-15 minutes. The trip from Rosendal to Mauranger (Sundal) takes 40 minutes. This makes it easy to pick up cars by bus or taxi. Further information about the cabins and route up to the glacier is available on request from Bergen Turlag, (+47) 55 33 58 10 and at Season From the start of june until mid september. NB! At least 6 persons have to be signed up for the trip in order for it to be arrangert.

Length The walk between Fonnabu and Holmaskjer will take about three hours. The distance is 5.5 kilometres as the crow flies, and the difference in altitude is approx. 200 metres. West-East: Sundal (Mauranger) to Fonnabu 6-8 hours, Fonnabu to Holmaskjer 3 hours (with a glacier guide), Holmaskjer to Odda (Eitrheim) 4 hours. East-West: Odda (Eitrheim) to Holmaskjer 6 hours, Holmaskjer to Fonnabu 3 hours (with a glacier guide), Fonnabu to Sundal (Mauranger) 5-6 hours. Registration At Fonnabu or Holmaskjer. For large parties, please book in advance by phoning (+47) 55 29 89 21/ 95 11 77 92 or online at Capacity is limited by the number of people the cabins can accommodate overnight. Accommodation: Fonnabu (Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)/Bergen Turlag self-service cabin with 32 beds). Holmaskjer (Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)/Bergen Turlag self-service cabin with 20 beds). Link to bus timetable Odda-Sundal: no 760 - Odda-Utåker Suitable for The walk between Fonnabu and Holmaskjer is the easiest part of the trip. The ascent to and descent from the glacier are the hardest parts. You should have mountain experience before attempting this trip. Equipment The required glacier equipment is included in the price. All participants must bring winter clothing, including wool next to the skin, wind and waterproof clothes, mittens, hat, scarf, sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle. Map and compass is also recommended, even if the paths on both sides are well marked. Price NOK 1390 NOK per person. 


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