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Do you want a fantastic nature experience combined with a little speed and excitement? Do you want to try driving a jet ski in a safe environment with a guide? Then jetski safari on the coast and in the fjords at the far end of Sogn and Sunnfjord is something for you! 

In cooperation with Hotel Sognefjord in Leirvik in Hyllestad, Sognefjord Boating offer guided jetski safaris for smaller groups (2-5 persons). Jetski safari is a great nature experience, which can be combined with action and excitement if you wish. Jetski safari is something for you if you would like to try jetski in a safe environment, at the same time as you can experience some of the magnificent coastal nature and coastal culture Ytre Sogn and Sunnfjord has to offer. 

Sognefjord Boating offer trips of one, two or four-hours including training, but are happy to tailor a trip for you and your friends. 

To drive a jetski, a minimum age of 16 years and boating driver´s license is required. If you were born before 1980, there is no requirement for a boat driver´s license. 


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