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Romsdalen is world-class when it comes to ski touring in Norway. The area consists of many mountain valleys and side valleys and there are often large differences within the local weather system. If you know the conditions and area well, you have a good chance of finding good snow. Knowing the mountains and conditions means that the local guides often get quickly up in the mountains on nice days and find good area for forest skiing when the visibility is poor, and the weather is bad. In some places, you can ski all the way down to the fjord on nice days. Magical!

Ski safely

Hotel Aak's guides are experienced skiers who know Romsdalsfjella well. In addition, they have a professional background in alpine skiing and a passion for always finding the finest and safest snow. An important part of the experience is the trip planning that takes place before the trip. The aim is to plan the right trip for you and the group, as well as providing safety information. The groups are up to six skiiers per guide, and ski touring routes are planned according to the group's skill and physical level.


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