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Visit of a summer farm

Close to Uteplassen you find a variety of beautiful places to hike.

In the summer you may climb the Togga mountain, walk in the valley of Frudalen or walk along the Anestølen lake and visit the summer farm at Anestølen. The options are many, and we would be pleased to show you the way.

If you are interested in visiting the summer farm Anestølen and taste locally produced brown goat cheese, please contact us:

Summer farm

Anestølen is located about 3 km along the Anestølsvegen from Uteplassen. In addition to goats, both sheep and cows graze here in the summer.

Anestølen can be visited by car (toll road), by bike or by foot, and is a great trip in beautiful nature.

Expected use of time: From 3 to 4 hours

Prices: Adults 350 nok | Children 150 nok | car 50 nok (toll road)

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  • Anestølen
  • 6856 SOGNDAL

Where is Guided summer farm, Anestølen, Sogndal?