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Installation, sculpture, interactiveHow many ways can a square be folded around a body?The exhibition "Folding a Square" by Hans Edward Hammonds, is an installation of colored and sewn textiles, wood and concrete sculptures and various objects. With various spatial touches, Hammonds creates a situation that encourages the audience to interact physically with the materials in the exhibition.The installation consists of completely new colored textile works that can be configured on and around a series of wooden sculptures, or put on as a garment or object around our bodies.In his art, Hammond explores collaboration, interaction and participation.He is interested in how a group of people or a collection of elements expresses or transforms into new larger wholes. How many small things can become a bigger thing, and how to do something together, and at the same time give each individual or element, space to express their individual qualities.In recent years, Hans Edward has led relational projects at schools, institutions and artist-run exhibition venues, he has shown installations at the Autumn Exhibition, the West Norway Exhibition and the Stavanger Art Museum, and carried out interdisciplinary art projects internationally. In 2020, he was the Children's City artist in Sandnes and in 2022 he will show a new participant-based work for the opening exhibition at the National Museum.Hammond's exhibition is opened by the artist Maiken Stene.There will also be a double exhibition opening this Saturday, when our neighbor, KinoKino, opens an exhibition at the same time; Per Christian Brown: "The house and the root, memories and metamorphoses", video - photo.


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    • Olav Kyrres gate 5
    • 4307 Sandnes
    458 76 526

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