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The Hardcore Superstar is finally coming to the People. Pure Rock 'n' Roll are the words that best describe the band. The band describes itself as "street metal" and was formed back in 1997. The Hardcore Superstar has played with the greatest artists in the world and played on the biggest stages and festivals in the world. This is one band that "kicks balls". One band one simply must experience. With hits like "Moonshine" and "You Can't Kill My Rock'n Roll," the Hardcore Superstar is making its way to the Folks. Tighten yourself and hang on.

Support: Wolf On Fire

Wolf on Fire presents the sound of Stavanger's underground, giving you dark and catchy hard rock! In 2019 the band released their debut album "Echolomania" which has garnered good reviews both at home and abroad. At "Echolomania" you are invited to bold combinations of riffs and brutality, melancholy and melody, all tied together in a veil of catchy stoner rock.



    • Løkkeveien 24
    • 4008 STAVANGER
    51 56 44 44

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